Holistic Luxury Facial ( combines a facial treatment with a neck, shoulder and face massage and reflexology)


This facial treatment is truly a wonderful relaxing treatment and I guarantee that I make you feel so relaxed that you won’t be able to talk as you feel so blissful!

This unique combination of a facial, massage and reflexology is simply an utterly amazing experience

The face an feet are at the forefront of our health. They both tell a story about how well the body is working. They both contain a large number of muscles and nerve endings that can get tight and hold onto stress.

The treatment

  • The cleanser will help remove the surface debris and dead skin cells
  • Toner helps restore the pH balance and freshens the skin
  • An exfoliant gives an enhanced, deeper cleanse, improving the appearance and texture of the skin.
  • A mask – The face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. They’re also an excellent way to help pull out impurities. Whilst the mask is cooking I will carry out some reflexology to add to the overall experience.
  • Moisturiser provides protection to the skin against outside elements.  It replaces, holds and attracts moisture to the skin and evens out the skin texture.



Benefits of Massage

  • increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to skin and muscles
  • increases cellular activity
  • improves texture of skin
  • stimulates removal of toxins and waste products from tissues
  • relieves tension


Benefits of Reflexolog

  • increases circulation
  • increases toxin removal
  • relaxing
  • reduces headaches
  • encourages the body to heal



I work from a peaceful and relaxing log cabin in the garden in Crowthorne. My at home treatment room is accessible from Wokingham, Bracknell, Yateley, Sandhurst, Camberley and Fleet.


First appointment includes consultation – 1 hour 30 minutes ( £60)

Subsequent holistic facial – 1 hour 15 minutes ( £55)

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