Baby Reflexology

baby reflexology

Baby Reflexology  is a gentle, natural and effective technique of applying reflexology to babies and toddlers so that parents can play a part in their infant’s health.

Baby Reflex is an exciting concept of Reflexology, which may enhance the natural loving bond between parent and child, giving parents the opportunity to learn special, gentle, techniques from a Reflexologist qualified in Baby Reflex.

This soothing form of finger-tip and thumb pressure has been specially created for parents to give to their babies on their feet and to their toddlers on their hands. Parents can adjust the treatment to suit their own child’s needs.

Baby Reflex was developed by Jenny Lee, a Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Reflexologist, following 15 years’ extensive research into the effects of regular Reflexology on Childhood Asthma. The main effects found of relaxation, improved sleep and child/parent bonding encouraged Jenny to create baby reflex in 2005.

How can baby reflexology help with some of the common conditions a baby may experience?

  • Baby Reflex™ is a short training course showing parents ( and their caregivers) how they can use these simple reflexology techniques.
  • Baby Reflex™ can help improve sleeping patterns and is also helps to calm the baby.
  • Baby Reflex™ can be used to improve the symptoms of colic and ease teething pain.
  • Baby reflex™ complements the natural bonding between mother and baby.
  • The baby reflex™ techniques have been developed from fifteen years’ research into the best practice of the application of Reflexology to young children.
  • Baby reflex™ techniques can be used at any time or anywhere – all you need to access are those wonderful feet and toes.

1:1 Baby Reflexology Workshop

The workshop is broken down into three section

  •  Sleeping and comfort
  • Digestion and feeding
  • General Well Being (includes teething, ears & sinus)

You will receive full reflexology charts to take away with you so that you confidentially practice at home.

Available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 


  • 1:1  Session ( 60-90 minutes ) £50
  • If you have a group of you wanting to do the baby reflexology as part of a three week course then this can be discussed and a discount offered.

If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me.